Applied Diploma in Criminology (Single A-Level equivalent)

Applied Diploma in Criminology (Single A-Level equivalent)

“I am fascinated by understanding why people might turn to crime, and how crime scenes are investigated.”

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

Standard entry criteria for the Sixth Form (preferred Grade 5 in English)


Exam Board

Units Studied

  • Changing Awareness of Crime – understanding types of crime, why some crimes are under-reported and how campaigns bring about legal changes
  • Criminological Theories – learn about varied theories as to why criminals have turned to criminality and apply this knowledge to real life crime
  • Crime Scene to Courtroom – understand how crime scenes are investigated and about the Criminal Justice System
  • Crime and Punishment – this unit covers a range of topics including the aims of punishment and whether our legal system’s punishments actually work



  • Internally assessed Controlled Assessments – 50%
  • Examinations – 50%


Course Information

This is an Applied General qualification. This means it is designed primarily to support learners progressing to university. It has been designed to offer exciting and interesting  experiences that focus learning for 16-19 year-old learners through applied learning, i.e. through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the criminal justice system.

Each unit within the qualification has an applied purpose which acts as a focus for the learning in the unit and learning is linked to real life case studies.


Possible Career Paths

The main purpose of the WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology is to support access to higher education degree courses,such as: Criminology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Law and Sociology. Alternatively, the qualification allows learners to gain the required understanding and skills to be able to consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice system,e.g. the National Probation Service, the Police, the Courts and Tribunals Service or the National Offender Management Service.


Extra Curricular

Guest speakers and a visit to the Law Courts enable students to see the subject in real life.