Futures: Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance CEIAG

We aim to develop students who are:

  • Aspirational and understand how to maximise learning opportunities to access appropriate and sustained progression routes
  • Inquisitive about a wide range of jobs/careers in order to stimulate and support their own career investigations
  • Demonstrate the employability skills and resilience to thrive in the ever-changing modern working world

In line with our core values, our aim is to provide an ambitious and progressive offer that supports our students to meet the changing needs/demands of the workplace.  Through the use of the 8 Gatsby Career benchmarks and the CDI framework we regularly review our provision, with the support of the local careers hub, to develop our programme of activities.

We aim to inspire all George Spencer students to demonstrate the confidence and resilience to compete for aspirational careers across the globe.  Students are encouraged to maximise their engagement within and beyond the classroom.  Our approach to careers and employability is to equip all students, Yr7-13, with the tools necessary to make well informed choices at different transition points in their current and future learning.  Staff are always on hand to support families at any stage.

How is this achieved?

  • Form Time Learning – sessions where students build their skills and knowledge (career exploration, career self-development, career management)
  • Curriculum learning – faculties regularly bring learning to life by linking knowledge and/or skills to the working world
  • Excellence days – time away form the regular school timetable to provide focused support on a wide range of skills.
  • Google Classroom – appropriate opportunities and events are shared via the ‘Careers & Employability’ section of cohort classrooms
  • Online platform – every student has a personalised UNIFROG account in order to support the management of their career learning.
  • Personal guidance – we use Futures+ to support the delivery of personalised student support
  • Bespoke events – these include National Apprenticeship Week and National Careers Week

School contacts:

Mr P Burrows              Director of Futures        

Mr J Dakers                 SLT link