Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama and Theatre Studies

“I never considered how many skills I would develop by studying Drama at A Level. Not only do I have the academic study of the set texts, but we look into historical and social changes as well as getting to challenge my creative side with the practicals and learn ‘real life’ theatrical processes on the way. Drama is so much more than just acting!”

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

  • Grade 5 in GCSE Drama, Grade 4 accepted on an individual basis
  • Grade 5 in GCSE English Language
  • Some form of performance experience


Exam Board

Units Studied

  • Component 1: Theatre Workshop 20% (Practical/Coursework)
  • Component 2: Text in Action 40%  (Visiting examiner performance based)
  • Component 3: Text in Performance 40% (Written Examination)


Course Information

You will work within two dedicated drama spaces with full black out potential equipped with sound system and multi LED stage lights controlled by a Eurolight desk. Drama and Theatre offers a practical and challenging course of study which encourages learners to:

  • Develop and apply an informed, analytical framework for making, performing, interpreting and understanding drama and theatre.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of how the social, cultural and historical contexts of performance texts have influenced the development of drama and theatre
  • Understand the practices used in twenty-first century theatre making
  • Experience a range of opportunities to create theatre
  • Participate as a theatre maker and as an audience member in live theatre
  • Develop and demonstrate a range of theatre making skills


Possible Career Paths

Studying Drama will provide you with a range of skills that can be transfered to a variety of roles.

Acting, directing, stage management, producing, therapy, teaching, research, styling, set design, lawyer, journalist and more.


Extra Curricular

You will attend a range of theatrical performances. You will have the chance to work with professionals and take advantage of our links with Nottingham Playhouse and the INSPIRE Academy. Opportunities to perform in and support whole school theatrical events as well as support in lessons and run clubs for younger students.