English Language

English Language

“English Language gives me the opportunity to combine critical analysis and creative writing.”

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

  • Grade 5 in GCSE English Language
  • Grade 5 in GCSE English Literature


Exam Board

Units Studied

  • Paper 1 – Language and the Individual Language Varieties (40% of overall grade) Section A – Textual Variations and Representations Section B – Children’s Language Development
  • Paper 2 – Language Diversity and Change (40% of overall grade). Section A – Diversity and Change. Section B – Language Discourses. NEA Language in Action (20% of overall grade)  Tasks include a language investigation and original Writing


Course Information

This is the study of the diverse ways in which the English language is structured and used in different real life contexts. You will look at aspects of social change, language and gender, language and occupation, accent and dialect, journalism, slang and taboo language to name but a few! You will get the opportunity to specialise in a chosen area of investigation for your coursework and you will get to learn lots of new theories and apply them to the world of language around you. We encourage debate and discussion in class and help you to shape and develop your own writing.


Possible Career Paths

English qualifications are suitable for entry to a broad range of career paths including: journalism and media careers; the law; teaching and business. A qualification is a testament to your communication skills and therefore viewed favourably by employees.