ESFA Post-16 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 tuition fund is ring-fenced funding for schools, colleges and all other 16-19 providers to support small group tuition for 16-19 pupils in English, maths and other courses where learning has been disrupted (for example, vocational courses where assessment has been deferred because of lockdown). Although the actual tuition does not need to be for GCSE English or maths, the priority support should be for those students who had not achieved grade 4 or above in at least one of those subjects by age 16. All supported pupils must be on a 16-19 study programme and have had their learning disrupted in the last two academic years from the coronavirus outbreak.

George Spencer Academy is eligible to receive £3,585 from this fund for small group tuition to support the small number of students in George Spencer Academy Sixth Form who haven’t yet achieved a grade 4 in English or Maths or require specialist English or Maths support to complete certain courses.  The allocated funding will be used to support all students who did not achieve a grade 4 or above in English or Maths by age 16 with priority given to students who would benefit most from extra tuition.

Disadvantaged 6th form students are given priority support around UCAS applications and also priority careers advice and guidance through progress meetings with the Director of Futures. A 6th form Pastoral Support Assistant (PSA) works within an extended 6th Form team and has heightened focus on monitoring and supporting disadvantaged students in terms of their attendance, progress and mental health and wellbeing.  Chromebooks are also available for any disadvantaged 6th form students who do not have access to a device outside of school. This is to support their independent learning.

Further information on the 16-19 tuition fund is available here.