Ethos & Values

At George Spencer Academy, we believe that all children have the right to the best possible education through an ethos of excellence. It is at the very heart of everything we do. We provide an inspiring and challenging curriculum and an excellent level of academic and pastoral support. This ensures that every student can access the curriculum and develop into resilient, confident and articulate young adults.  We are driven by wanting to support students as they thrive academically and develop passions and interests outside of the classroom.


Our academy aims to secure this through an ambitious curriculum, inclusive learning environment, positive recognition and all underpinned by our core values;

Our Aim

We are an Academy with strong moral values which are based on these fundamental aims:

  • We respect each other, are self-motivated, disciplined, have a thirst for learning, and a strong sense of pride in belonging to the Academy.
  • We are committed to providing educational opportunities of the highest quality for all our students and we believe in educating the whole child.
  • We have a strong foundation of support and development for all with a fundamental aim of creating vibrant and dynamic learning experiences so every child can strive to be the best they can.
  • At George Spencer Academy we are committed to helping every student become the finest person they are capable of becoming.
  • We need to ensure that the systems we use to create a positive learning environment are clear, understood by all and followed by everyone.
  • We believe manners are an important part of character and we encourage everyone to be polite, fair and honest.
  • We work hard to keep each other informed and have open communication with all stakeholders.