Exam Support

Exam Stress

The following websites provide a wealth of information for students and parents to support them through the exam period:




Useful Websites to explore Mindfulness techniques


Support for Parents


Helping your child with homework and organisation

  • Encourage your child to explain homework tasks to you. Discussing often helps to focus the mind.
  • Praise your child for successfully completing homework tasks.
  • Try to provide your child with a suitable place and the right equipment to do his/her homework.
  • Sign your child’s planner each week.
  • Help with spelling punctuation and grammar.
  • Take an interest in what your child is learning about.
  • Encourage your child to read out loud to you.
  • Reading skills are essential to learning.
  • Help your child to find out information from books, Internet, etc. Be careful not to do the work for him/her!
  • Take an interest in how well he/she did in previous homeworks.