Extended Project Qualification

Extended Project Qualification

“My EPQ was based on one of the modules I hoped to be studying at University. This was so useful in kick-starting my wider reading for the course and acted as a great platform for motivation and demonstrating my interest for the subject in my personal statement.”

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

The EPQ is open to all GSA Sixth Form students who have met the requirements for the Sixth Form. All students explore the qualification and investigate topics of interest to them.


Exam Board

Units Studied

This is not a typical subject. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a stand-alone qualification that is taken alongside the student’s other courses during Year 12. It provides you with the opportunity to study a topic that you have a particular interest in.


Course Information

The EPQ is a qualification that has been designed to develop sixth form students’ project skills. It is unique as a qualification because it allows the student to choose their own topic and outcome. This means that they could do a traditional 5000 word essay or they could choose to create an artefact such as a video, booklet, pamphlet, dress, scientific experiment, song or dramatic performance (all of which have been done at GSA).

The students will begin with guided hours in the classroom to develop structures and systems for a successful completion. As the project develops students will take increasing levels of responsibility and they will work more independently. At the conclusion of the project the students will have three pieces of evidence to submit for marking: the completed project, a log book detailing all planning and evaluation and a presentation.

Not only does the course teach essential skills for further study, careers and life, many higher education establishments look favourably when students detail their EPQ in their personal statement.


Possible Career Paths

The EPQ helps to develop independent learning, critical thinking and research skills that will be important for study at university or vocational qualifications. This qualification is valuable for all careers as a way of demonstrating high level planning, writing and evaluation skills.