GSA Excellence Award

The GSA Excellence Award challenges students to work towards a series of criteria enabling them to demonstrate how they embody the core values of the school.  Students maintain a log book in their planners and record evidence of how they have achieved each criteria.  At the end of the year, students are rewarded depending of which level of the GSA Award they achieve.


  • To provide a platform for students to demonstrate how they embody the core values of the school
  • To recognise and reward students’ contributions to the school and wider community
  • To supports future pathways by providing strong evidence to support applications for colleges, 6th forms, universities, jobs etc



  • The GSA Excellence award sets out 3 criteria for students to achieve under each of the school’s 6 core values.
  • Students update log books during form time and ask for staff or adults (for criteria achieved outside of school) to sign or stamp their evidence box.
  • Students are rewarded at the end of the academic year as part of ‘Excellence Assemblies’ for each year group.



We strive to be the best we can be;

  • Attended all Excellence days and engaged positively
  • Assessment Point ‘effort’ scores are mainly 4s with some 3s
  • 150 PARS points in a term


We show resilience:

  • Excellent attendance (above 95%)
  • Made progress/improvement in at least 3 subjects in assessment point
  • Participated in a form of public speaking (including debating, class presentations etc)
We are supportive;

  • Participated in volunteer work
  • Undertaken a leadership role
  • Participating in fundraising activity


We respect individuality;

  • Participated in an Awareness day
  • Completed an assignment to challenge inequality
  • Complete a project that develops your awareness of another country/culture


We are polite, fair and honest;

  • Contribution to the community
  • Learning manager / staff commendation
  • Been on a School trip / visit and been polite, fair and honest whilst representing the school
We have a love of learning;

  • Participated in extra-curricular club or activity
  • Completed 3 ‘Read, Watch, Visit’ recommendations
  • Literacy: Read 3 books in a term



  • Bronze Award: At least one of the criteria from each of the 6 values.
  • Silver Award: At least two of the criteria from each of the 6 values.
  • Gold Award: Evidence showing you have achieved all the criteria.
  • Platinum Award: Exceptional evidence for all criteria showing student has made significant contributions to both the school and wider community.