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Coronavirus Contingency Planning

Coronavirus Contingency Planning – Key Information for current NPQ Participants can be found here.

Leadership Courses

George Spencer Academy is proud to be a licensee for the National Professional Qualifications (NPQ). We work closely with Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together to provide NPQ training across our region.

“GSA’s vision is evident throughout the management and development of NPQ programmes and they have established a creative learning community delivering consistently high-quality leadership programmes. Through the Spencer Academy Trust GSA works with several outstanding schools in the MAT, the Derby Research School, Teaching School and Maths Hub. There is a strong commitment to ensuring high quality delivery of the programmes in line with the reputation and moral purpose of GSA as a Teaching School…. The GSA NPQ delivery model has evolved and continuously improved because of the partnership born from the school-led system, based on shared commitment and passion for school improvement.”

– Tribal QAA Performance Review Report – January 2020


We offer four NPQs:


* If you are a member of one of our partner or teaching school alliance schools, or making multiple bookings on behalf of a MAT or other cluster of schools, you may be eligible for up to a 10% discount.

DfE scholarships are currently on pause. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any available again, but at the moment we are not in a position to offer them.


The Blended Approach

Our blended approach of training offers maximum opportunity for participants to learn, reflect and apply their training. We offer face-to-face training days, an online learning platform for ongoing training and in-school coaches are offered training to wrap around the participants and support their success in the in-school projects.

New for 2020 -2021: In the current climate, we have converted many of our face to face days into online webinars, video resources and activities so that learning is flexible for schools. We anticipate that this will be the offer for the Autumn term and hope to integrate some face-to-face learning in the Spring and Summer terms.


Expertise from Across the School-led System

The NPQ programmes offer full coverage of the DfE Content and Assessment Framework drawing on skills and knowledge of our expert facilitators, all experienced school leaders, system leaders (SLEs, LLEs and NLEs) and Teaching School leads.

Our programme also integrates specialist expertise as a fundamental to our offer provided by Inclusive Teaching School Alliance at St Giles Special School and Kyra and Derby Research Schools.

The 2020-2021 Offer

This year we are offering two start dates. DfE Funding has been confirmed for schools starting before the end of this academic year. There will be a new set of criteria in place from September 2020 which has not yet been shared. Therefore, we want to offer schools the chance to select which start date they wish to proceed with: July 2020 or October 2020. Induction Events will take place for both cohorts at the start dates through webinar interfaces and online learning opportunities.

  • Download our NPQ Leadership courses booklet here.


For more information, click on each of individual programmes below or explore our tabs on Scholarship Funding, Frequently Asked Questions, and Policies and Key Information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.