A-Level Results

Congratulations to all of our Sixth Form students who have received their results today, we are extremely proud of all they have achieved. This year’s cohort have achieved world class grades which demonstrates their tremendous hard work, resilience and love of learning during their time at George Spencer Academy 6th form.

Their results this year reflect the effort and determination they have put in to their studies with the majority of our students gaining their first-choice places at the country’s top universities. We are very much proud of every single one of our students. Our staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure that students were equipped both academically and mentally to achieve their potential and receive the best education possible. We have strived to ensure that students have been given every chance to pursue their chosen next steps and staff will remain available to offer support and guidance where needed.

Our staff at George Spencer Academy send our Sixth Form students the best of luck for their chosen pathway whether it be university, apprenticeship or employment. We wish them all a future filled with happiness and excellence.

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