Careers Education

The UNIFROG platform ( provides impartial information, advice and guidance to support exploration into future pathways and potential progression routes. It contains many tools including a careers library, personality profile, subject library and interest profile.

As part of Form Time Learning this half term, students will explore progression routes and the range of opportunities within further education (vocational and academic), apprenticeships and higher education. The platform will support personalised enquiry alongside some in-class work around the local context, including education providers and employment opportunities. The aim is to generate discussion and make students aware of future possibilities.

Each student has unique access via their school email address in order to personalise the experience and interaction with the tools. As parents you are also able to create a log-in in order to support your son/daughter to prepare for these transition points. Please use the information below in order to generate your own unique log-in.

1. Use the following link to access the site –
2. Click on the ‘sign in for first time’ link under ‘Been Given a Form Code’
3. Type in the following Form Code – GSAparents
4. Then complete your personal details
5. Click ‘sign up’ to complete this process
6. Follow the instructions given to access your account
7. Please contact me via the details below if you are unable to gain access
(the code is live for 30 days)

Hopefully you find this of benefit to you and your family in order to make informed choices at times of transition in the future. If you do have any questions then please do get in touch using the details given below.

Mr P Burrows
Director of Futures