Christmas message to parents

As we come to the end of another year and we reflect on the school’s achievements and priorities our thoughts always come back to the wonderful students we have here at George Spencer Academy.
It is firmly rooted in our ethos that it is our students who drive our decision making and our students who, in turn, are at the forefront of our minds as we take the time to reflect and look to what the future will hold. Our Ethos of Excellence has become more widely understood and recognised within our student body over this past year. Our students know that ‘excellence’ does not mean perfection or getting it right all the time.

‘Excellence’ at George Spencer Academy is striving to be the best versions of ourselves through living our core values of support, resilience, respect, kindness and a love of learning. Through our core values we have together created a ‘new norm’ in our school since September by building on our strong foundations to provide ambitious opportunities for our students post lockdown and post government restrictions.

We have found it heart warming to see so many of our students engaging in our extracurricular clubs and sporting teams, after a year of not being able to provide these important opportunities. We have found it humbling to listen to many of our 6th Form students mentoring Year 11 students to support their progression and achievements in their GCSE subjects. We have found it encouraging to watch our students rehearse after school for our next school production in January. We have found it rewarding to observe the impact of
students across the school having their first ever Excellence Days, with them gaining strategies on how they learn which have then been applied to their formal curriculum and lessons. In summary, we have found our
wonderful students to be truly excellent, with bright futures ahead of them.

Next year is an exciting time for our school as we aim to be reaccredited as a World Class School in the spring term. The rigorous process for this prestigious award is led solely by the students and is awarded based on the
students successfully developing World Class characteristics.

Through our reflections we recognise that we want to ‘shout louder’ about the memories being created, the opportunities being grasped, and the accomplishments being achieved and so from January we will be developing our communication with our families. Twitter will play a key role in this so if you are not already following us on Twitter we urge you to do so.

I conclude my Christmas message thanking you as parents for everything you are doing at home to support your child’s success in school and for working with us to shape them into the wonderful young people they are.

May I wish you and your family joy, peace and happiness this Christmas. We will look forward to welcoming our students back in the new year for more ambitious opportunities.