Curriculum booklets 2021-22

We are excited to launch our GSA Curriculum Booklets for 2021-2.  These booklets are designed to inform parents about your child’s curriculum for this academic year and includes key information that you can use to support your child’s learning.  We are asking for your support in the following areas:

  1. Please use the subject information on what is being taught each half term as a basis to discuss your child’s learning at home. For example, there are key questions to discuss for each subject, as well as information on assessment and how the content fits in with what has been learned previously and what will be learned next;
  2. Please support your child in completing some of the ‘Read, Watch and Visit’ activities at home. These are designed to extend knowledge and experience beyond the curriculum and are useful in building cultural capital. Please also log any of this activity on this link, so that we can reward students’ effort and engagement;
  3. Please note the information on Assessment Points and be prepared to discuss your child’s grades and performance each time they are sent home.

If you have any questions please contact Mr Allen, Assistant Principal for the Curriculum, at

Year 7 Curriculum Booklet
Year 8 Curriculum Booklet
Year 9 Curriculum Booklet
Year 10 Curriculum Booklet
Year 11 Curriculum Booklet
Year 12 Curriculum Booklet
Year 13 Curriculum Booklet