‘Food Bank Fridays’

This year we will be running ‘Food Bank Fridays’. This is an opportunity for students to donate items to our local food banks and support our wider community. Each form has been given a designated Friday each term when they will be able to bring in any items to donate. This would be a voluntary donation and can be brought to our Donation Box in the Lower Site Resource Centre. The items that are currently needed are listed below and will be updated regularly based on guidance from the foodbanks:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Pasta Sauces
  • Tinned fruit, vegetables, meat and fish
  • Biscuits
  • Toiletries

We would like to thank everyone for their support in helping the local community with this initiative. Below you can find the list of form groups and dates for this term

  • 22nd September: 7APN, 8GMN, 9SCN, 10EHW/RAW, 11MKL, 12BSN, 13MRA
  • 6th October: 7JSN, 8MWD, 9JES, 10DHY, 11CCR,12HWA, 13RJA
  • 13th October: 7OWE, 8AHG, 9LGE, 10RNA, 11SJR, 12LFL, 13MPL
  • 20th October: 7BWE, 8HMD, 9CCS, 10KSX, 11NST, 12DSN, 13SWN
  • 10th November: 7JTE, 8JBA, 9JBN, 10EWS, 11SBS, 12WHL, 13LPR
  • 17th November: 7CBY, 8ZJN, 9SGN, 10RKR, 11OSH, 12HWY, 13SWT
  • 24th November: 7RPR, 8LWE, 9PCK, 10CLH, 11TCH, 12HCH, 13LJS
  • 1st December: 7CML, 8CCA, 9DDS, 10KCR, 11JSY
  • 8th December: 7JME, 8JWB, 9STE, 10JWN, 11MLE
  • 15th December: 7MRR, 8PMN, 9CKY, 10JCN, 11HRE