HT5 Summer Bulletin

Message from the Principal: Mrs Corbett

Dear Parents and Carers,
We end this half term recognising how hard our students have worked and how motivated they have been during what has felt like a more ‘normal’ half term due to the decrease in disruptions to face to face learning.
There is a real buzz around the academy over the return to specialist classrooms after the break. Our students have listened intently during presentations this week on the updates to processes that will maximise their
safety. Our teachers are energised to teach the practical elements of their curriculum and be back in their typical learning environments. It is definitely a half term that we are all looking forward to.

I would like to recognise the dedication and positive engagement our Year 11 and Year 13 students have demonstrated throughout the teacher assessed grade process – they truly are phenomenal young people who we are immensely proud of. Our Year 11 students, whether they are staying on in our 6th Form or not, begin their transition package to Post-16 after the half term break. We look forward to welcoming them back and supporting them through this important stage of their education.

Within this bulletin, you will read of the many positives and success stories that we are proud of as well as many other things that we are all looking forward to. This half term break is very much a short pause for George Spencer Academy before we return to our ambitious drive towards excellence.
During this short pause we wish you and your families a well-deserved, relaxing and peaceful break, hopefully with some sunshine.
Kind regards.