Information Evenings

Last year we introduced Information Evenings as an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with parents and carers and for you to gain a deeper insight in to your child’s learning and the wrap around approach we have towards providing ambitious opportunities for all our students.

These were very well attended last year and has led to these now becoming a permanent fixture of the GSA calendar. Every year the evenings will differ to ensure information is relevant and bespoke to each year group and to ensure parents feel they leave knowing more and they continue to feel value in attending the Information Evenings.

The dates for the Information Evenings this year are as follows:
Year 7: Wednesday 7th September at 5:30pm
Year 8 and 9 (Joint): Wednesday 7th September at 7:00pm
Year 10: Thursday 8th September at 5:30pm
Year 11: Thursday 8th September at 7:00pm
Year 12 and Year 13 (Joint): Thursday 15th September at 5:30pm

These events are for parents/carers only and students should not attend. All Information Evenings will take place in our Sports Hall on upper site. We ask that you please park on lower site as there is no parking on upper site and our local residents have requested no parking outside their houses.

The areas which will be covered in this year’s Information Evenings are:
1. The curriculum offer for the year group including information on how students can extend their learning experience outside of school.
2. An overview of the quality of education, including practical tips and guidance for parents and carers on how they can deepen learning at home.
3. Information regarding our reading culture, the impact on a child’s development and practical advice on how you can embed reading for pleasure.
4. An insight in to the Personal Development curriculum for the specific year group and our offer as a school.
5. A final area covered will be bespoke to the year group ranging from details of our extra-curricular offer, to GCSE Pod for Years 10 and 11, and Sixth Form support.

We look forward to welcoming you to George Spencer Academy as we continue to build your child’s future