Key Stage 3 Principal’s Challenge

Half Term One: Key Stage 3 Principal’s Challenge

As an ethos driven school, we want all our students to feel a sense of belonging to the school. Our ethos is built on excellence, with the aim of creating excellence for all students so every individual can be successful academically and as life-long learners.

At George Spencer Academy we are driven to provide a culture that allows everyone to flourish in happy and safe learning environments. We have a strong set of core values which are the foundation for our Ethos of Excellence. We want our students to grow as well-rounded young people who are globally aware, confident and ready to make a difference in the world.

Challenge: In a maximum of 7 words describe your experience of being part of our George Spencer community. The winning 6 quotes will be professionally designed on to banners and placed around our school site. Winners will also receive a book token and Positive PARs points. We are looking forward to hearing how you would explain what it is like to be part of our school. Good luck.

Deadline: Monday 27th September