LGBTQ Pride Day

LGBTQ Pride Month is celebrated across the world each year during the month of June with the 28th June being commonly celebrated as National Pride Day in recognition of the Stonewall uprising that took place on this day in 1969.

With our core values of ‘respecting individuality’ and ‘being supportive’ we feel it is important to mark this occasion. Consequently, on Monday 28th June, we will allow students to swap one item of their uniform for a brightly coloured item of clothing. With the exception of trainers and hoodies, students can swap any item of their uniform for a suitable alternative. For example, your child may choose to wear a bright tie instead of their school tie or a bright shirt instead of their school shirt.

This will be a great way to support and promote an important message of equality and diversity within our school and wider community as well as emphasising our core values. Due to Covid measures currently in place linked to the handling of cash, we will not be asking for a donation. Form Time Learning sessions on the day will focus on raising awareness of the LGBTQ community and the reasons for celebrating National Pride day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students that have been involved in planning this event for their support, passion and embodying the core values of the school.

Jonathan Dakers
Assistant Principal