September Timetable for All Year Groups

  • Year 7 – line up each morning in the new tennis courts (you will be shown on the 2nd September).
  • Year 8 – line up each morning in the tennis courts near social science.
  • Year 9 – line up each morning outside your form room.
  • Year 10 – line up each morning outside your form room.
  • Year 11 – line up each morning outside your form room. SGN/DNN/ZJN line up at the back of the English tower.
  • Year 12 & 13 – line up each morning outside your form room.


**There will be signs directing students to the correct zone, so they remain in their year group bubbles. There will be information around site about social distancing, regular hand washing, etc.**

Year 7
Tutor Group Room
7RKR – Ms Khirodour MA1
7CLH – Mr Lynch MA2
7KCR – Ms Chuter MA4
7JWN – Mr Wilson MA5
7RHW – Ms Henshaw MA6
7MMN – Mrs Musson Linc
7EHW – Ms Hembrow MA7
7DHY – Ms Hornby MA8
7SLG – Mr Laing MA10
7KSX – Mr Simcox MA11
7LNS – Ms Norris MA12
Year 8
Tutor Group Room
8DHN – Mr Han S01
8NSU – Mr Sandhu (was STN) S03
8BNN – Ms Nicholoson S04
8CDN – Mr Dixon (was SWM) S06
8HRE – Mr Ratcliffe S07
8CJS – Dr Jones S08
8CCR – Mrs Carr S09
8AWN – Dr Watson MU1
8THE – Mr Hopkins-Burke LSRC
8STP – Mrs Tapp S02
Year 9
Tutor Group Room
9EJS – Ms Jones SC1
9JME – Ms Mudge SC2
9BWE – Mr Warpole SC3
9SCN – Mrs Coell-Pemberton (was SCU) SC5
9JTE – Ms Tickle SC6
9CML – Ms McCool (was TFU) SC7
9JCN – Mrs Cullen (was RCA) SC8
9MKL – Ms Kell (was COT) SC9
9WHL – Mr Hall SC10
9GSW – Mr Shaw DR1
Year 10
Tutor Group Room
10HRL – Mrs Randall ML1
10RAW – Mrs Askew (was VS) ML2
10RNA – Mr Ndengaya ML3
10HMD – Mr Mould (was RD) ML4
10RKE – Ms Kettle ML5
10JWB – Ms Webb ML6
10GMN – Dr Martin TE1
10PMN – Mr Middleton TX1
10HGM – Mrs Graham TX2
10NST – Ms Skitt TE5
Year 11
Tutor Group Room
11AEY – Mrs Eddy (was AWR) EN3
11DBN – Mrs Bashton EN4
11KSY – Ms Seely EN5
11SGN – Mr Green EN7
11DNN – Ms Nelson EN8
11ZJN – Ms Jackson EN9
11RHL – Ms Torrance (was RHI) EN10
11CKY – Ms Kirkby EN11
11MPO – Mr Powell EN12
11CSY – Mr Stanley EN13
Year 12
Tutor Group Room
12 MRA- Mr Rakhra SF15
12RJA – Miss Jackson SF13
12LJS/ASR – Mrs James SF5
12SWN/LLT – Mrs Wilson SF9
12LPR -Mr Prior SF14
12SCD – Mrs Crawford SF1
12COS/EPR – Mrs Ollie SF7
Year 13
Tutor Group Room
13BSN -Mr Sugden SF8
13AWE/PPS – Ms Waite SF10
13LFL – Miss Fell SF3
13KHK – Miss Hancock SF6
13KKY/RRS – Mrs Kelly SF2
13MDN/RBG – Miss Dughan SF16