Spencer Superstars Day

The Spencer Academies Trust, of which George Spencer Academy is a part, is one of the country’s leading multi-academy trusts, with 2,500 employees working together to educate 16,000 students.

Last year, the trust set up a charitable foundation, named Spencer Superstars Charitable Foundation. The aim of Spencer Superstars is clear, to raise £100,000 each year for the next 10 years, to support the passions of our children and to help them reach for the stars and achieve their dreams when life may not have dealt them the cards to do it alone.

To support the Spencer Superstars foundation, we will be holding a ‘Superstars Day’ on Friday 12th May. Students are being encouraged to come dressed as someone who is a superstar to them. This can be someone they are inspired by, someone they see are a role model or someone they think has made a great achievement. Students will be asked to bring in a £1 donation to come in non-uniform as their superstar.

To read more information about the Spencer Superstars Charitable Foundation, including the process of how a student, including your own, could become a Spencer Superstar please visit the website https://spencersuperstars.com/

If you have any questions about Superstars Day, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing, ehembrow@george-spencer.notts.sch.uk