Student Leaders

Over the last half term, four Year 12 students have been involved in an application and election process in a bid to become the school’s Head Girl and Head Boy for the next academic year.  This process involved completing an application form outlining why they felt they were the most suitable candidate followed by an ‘election campaign’ including a video that was shown to every form in the school.  Last week, all members of staff and each form were able to vote on who they wanted to become Head Girl and Head Boy.  Once the votes were counted Beth Wild and Tom Playford were successful in becoming our Head Girl and Head Boy respectively.  Holly Avington and Xavier Beechey will take on the Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy roles.  The roles will be hugely important in leading our student leadership team and student led school based projects.

After being informed of the election results, the team made the following comment;

“Hello everyone! Thank you all for casting your votes, we really appreciate it. We hope you liked our videos and we look forward to helping to create change in George Spencer as your Student Leadership Team. As a team we’re all very excited and grateful for the opportunity, we can’t wait to get started!

We are here to listen to the opinions of students and to ensure that they’re heard and appreciated. Our main role is to provide a channel for student voice, but next year we also plan to focus on: bridging the gap between staff and student communication, the environment, student safety, and wellbeing services.

We hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you again in September.”

(From left: Xavier Beechey, Tom Playford, Beth Wild, Holly Avington

Student Leaders