Summer Term Update

Monday 6th July

At George Spencer Academy we continue to be focused on providing the best possible education for our students during the current climate and we know that regardless of our effort’s children will be finding learning difficult when they are not in school, learning and developing in classrooms, with their teachers and their peers.

The latest government guidance that came out on Thursday is welcomed by the staff at George Spencer Academy. We are excited at the prospect of welcoming all students back on to site at the start of the autumn term. As always, we will be digesting all the information, liaising with our Trust and working hard to ensure the safety of our students and staff are at the heart of our decision making whilst marrying this together with high quality education that will successfully close gaps in learning, support student’s personal development and well-being and provide a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum. This will be a complex task and one which we are well underway with planning. I will write to you again at the end of term to provide further details of our plans.

As per previous correspondence to you, our experienced senior leadership team have been disaggregated to oversee each of our offers. They have provided an update below:


Update on Year 10 and 12 face to face sessions

The feedback from students and parents after the first 3 weeks has been very positive and attendance of those we were expecting has been above 90% in both Year 10 and 12. As we increase the offer to every week until the end of term, Year 12 teachers are building momentum with their sessions and the option subject staff are looking forward to having some
time with Year 10. All students have been following the social distancing guidelines with a mature and responsible attitude and we are very proud of the way they have returned.

– Miss L Jenkinson, Vice Principal


Update on Remote Learning Offer

We continue to use Google Classroom as our main interface to deliver our remote learning and this is enhanced by the face to face sessions for Year 10 and 12. Despite entering our 13th week of remote learning many students are still showing their resilience and independence and continuing with their love of learning and 2293 praise postcards have been sent by
teachers to students over the last 7 weeks showing the level of dedication by our students.

– Miss J Gordon, Vice Principal


Update on In School Offer

As the lockdown period has progressed the number of students accessing the In-School Offer has grown. Students have experienced a range of remote learning, teacher led sessions and daily physical activity. The students have been fantastic throughout, as a school we are really proud with how they have engaged and conducted themselves. The staff responsible for delivering the sessions have commented on the positive attitude and resilience shown by them all.

– Mr K Hartley & Mr J Dakers, Assistant Principals


Please continue to contact us at the school should you have any questions or require support. Our Pastoral Team are based in our Pupils Support Centre from Monday to Friday and are eager to facilitate suitable support and guidance to ensure all children at George Spencer Academy continue to be happy and engaged in their learning.