Uniform Swap Shop

At the last Parents Forum a uniform ‘swap shop’ was discussed, to help support our families when students grow out of specific uniform items. This was suggested as a continuation of what happens within some of our feeder primaries and successes they have seen there.
We are looking to launch this now, as we are mindful students often outgrow certain items towards the end of the year and they can be costly to replace for what is a relatively short period of time. The way this would work is families would donate items that are too small or not required anymore, allowing families to come into
school at designated times/dates and ‘swap’ items their child has outgrown. We will then sort out items and arrange dates when families can come into school. Moving forwards, we would look to have this available all year round and families can ‘swap’ items throughout the year. If you would be willing to donate items towards this, please bring them to reception between 17th April and 5th May.

Mr Hartley

Assistant Principal