World Class Quality Mark (WCSQM) accreditation

George Spencer Academy re-awarded World Class Quality Mark (WCSQM) accreditation

On 6th July 2022, George Spencer Academy in Nottinghamshire was awarded World Class Schools Quality Mark re-accreditation at an Awards Ceremony at St Marylebone School, having successfully passed a rigorous student-led assessment process to prove they have consistently maintained a World Class standard of education since their last accreditation assessment two years ago. The Quality Mark is awarded by the education charity World Class Schools Quality Mark, whose unique assessment framework assesses the students, not the school, for their demonstration of World Class skills and competencies. The premise is that if the school is truly World Class, then its students should be able to demonstrate this in whatever context they find themselves. To date, there are just 120 accredited World Class schools in the UK, all non-selective state schools.

George Spencer Academy was one of just 27 secondary schools and 3 primary schools re-awarded the Quality Mark in 2022, following a challenging two-part assessment process, the first part of which involved students participating in a live assessment centre, hosted by brand new Houlton School in Rugby, where students worked in teams to create a sensory garden for the benefit of the school’s present and future students. For the second part of the assessment process, students used the WCSQM app to demonstrate evidence of their World Class characteristics, using the WCSQM framework of skills and competencies across areas including learners, leaders, community, workplace and achievement (secondary), and the three framework areas of ‘I am, ‘I feel, and ‘I learn’ (primary).

It was wonderful to see students come together and demonstrate their impressive skills and competencies in a setting both historically significant and architecturally impressive as Houlton School. The assessment centre was a key learning experience for students that also provided a unique platform for them to develop and demonstrate the characteristics they could use to inform their app assessment. We’re incredibly proud of every student who represented their school and were delighted to have the opportunity to thank them and award them in person at the Awards Ceremony.” Miranda Perry, Director of WCSQM.

At the Awards Ceremony, students were invited to collect their schools’ reaccreditation plaque, and there were also awards for the assessment centre winning student and winning team, as voted for by the visiting staff, local partners and students on the day, following a marketplace event in which each team presented their sensory garden ideas and creations. Houlton School students will continue to reap the benefits of the students’ hard work on the day for many years to come.

Helen Corbett, Principal of George Spencer Academy “We are extremely proud of our students for continuing to retain this award.  Since we were first credited as a World Class School in 2016.  At George Spencer Academy we talk regularly about our Ethos of Excellence being a culture of high ambition for all and something which we continually achieve over time.  This highly acclaimed award represents the excellent young people we have at our academy.”

Jules Gordon, Vice Principal of George Spencer Academy, “This is a significant achievement and credit to our students who have worked incredibly hard each and every day to demonstrate the World Class Characteristics which align to the Core Values of the Academy.  As the founding school of The Spencer Academies Trust, this is a momentous occasion as the Trust was also accredited as one of the inaugural World-Class MATs this year.”

Thomas Playford, Head Boy and Leader of the World Class Schools Quality Mark Academy team “I have really enjoyed being involved with GSA’s re-accreditation of world-class status. Four years ago, I was one of the youngest members of the team and worked to support other team members to a successful re-accreditation. During the most recent cycle, I was able to step up as a project leader and take on more responsibilities. I am grateful to have been able to develop a multitude of skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership throughout the time I have spent working on this project.  It is also very rewarding to see that the most recent cycle has seen GSA maintain its World Class status.”

WCSQM has been accrediting non-selective state schools in the UK since 2014 using a framework of skills and competencies young people need to flourish in an emerging global economy. The charity’s mission is to level up opportunities so that every student can develop World Class characteristics both in and out of the classroom, regardless of their circumstances or background, to help them achieve their potential.

Information on WCSQM

WCSQM is a UK charity working to accredit the best non-selective state schools across the UK with the World Class quality mark accreditation. In order to achieve accreditation primary and secondary schools can subscribe to the WCSQM application, giving their entire cohort of students access to the WCSQM framework designed to help students develop and demonstrate World Class skills and characteristics across areas including learning, leadership, community and the workplace.

From left to right: Miss Jules Gordon, Thomas Deeley, Daniel Deane, Samantha Mullock, William Chaney, Matteo Zanchettin, Mrs Helen Corbett