Y7 and Y8 Growth Curriculum

As remote learning continues,we are offering the opportunity for our learners in Year 7 and 8 to have access to our Growth Curriculum. We understand there will be times where students may feel overwhelmed by the challenges that working and learning from home can bring. However, this time can also bring opportunities to develop those important transferable skills needed for everyday life.

Over the past year, students have shown how resilient and motivated they can be in the face of adversity and overcoming challenges. The Growth Curriculum looks to draw on these and provide support to students with resources they can use. It aims to provide the opportunity to explore, develop and put into practice a variety of skills that will help them to grow as all rounded learners.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing sessions and resources from the Growth Curriculum that students can work through independently and at their own pace. We are not asking students to be increasing their workload and there is no expectation for students to submit work for marking. However, we would like them to take the opportunity to engage in the resources so that they can use them to support their remote learning. These resources will be posted on their Year Group Google Classroom every Monday for students to use throughout the week.

For students who are finding the current situation difficult, support is available through a variety of channels;

  • All students can access well-being support by contacting the well-being line on 07969203860. A member of the well-being team will be on hand to respond to text messages, calls or voice mails to provide support and guidance.
  • Parents or students can contact the Director of Learning or Pastoral Support Assistant for their year group who will be able to offer guidance or will liaise with the well-being team if more bespoke support is required.
  • The ‘well-being’ section of the student hub on the school website provides guidance and useful links
    to websites.

If you have any questions regarding the Growth Curriculum or sessions and resources that are shared over the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Kettle