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George Spencer Academy was inspected in May 2015. Click here to read the report.

Performance Data 2019

George Spencer Academy continues to have above the national average and has got a positive progress 8 score of +0.13.  Some students have performed significantly higher than the national average in the subjects of History and Geography and are in the top 20% of all school for the 3rd consecutive year.

At Post-16, Business, PE and Psychology students performed exceptionally well and a significantly higher proportion of student left to continue into higher education or employment/training.

Headline data for Key Stage 4 and 5

Progress 8 +0.13
Grade 4+ in English and Maths 74%
Grade 5+ in English and Maths 49%
Academic progress -0.15
Grade A*/A 16.4%
Grade A*-B 50%