Period 6 Prep Time

“Fostering a love of learning outside of the normal working day”

We recognise that not all of our learners have the space at home to work in a quiet environment and have access to all of the resources they require.  As part of our continuing commitment to providing all students at George Spencer Academy with the best possible chance to reach their potential, we are providing an optional period 6 ‘prep time’ to all students.  Every day students will be able to stay at school and complete classwork, homework, preparatory work or use it for additional study time.  The Lower Site Resource Centre (LSRC) will be available on these days to provide an area for quiet study and / or additional computer time.  Students can opt to stay at school until 4:20pm, 4:00pm on a Wednesday, and a register will be taken.

If you would like further information please contact Miss L. Jenkinson (