“A physical law must possess mathematical beauty.” – Paul Dirac

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

  • Grade 6 in GCSE Physics or Grade 6-6 in GCSE Combined Science.
  • Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics


Exam Board

Units Studied

Working as a Physicist, Mechanics, Waves and the Nature of Light, Electric Circuits, Materials, Further Mechanics, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Thermal
Physics, Gravitational Fields, Space Oscillations.


Course Information

A Level Physics is a linear qualification; assessments take place at the end of the two year course. The course not only inspires students to think as scientists, but also enables them
to work as scientists. The concept-led approach to A Level Physics begins with a study of the laws, theories and models of physics, and finishes with an exploration of their practical
applications. Students’ skills and technical competency when completing practical work will be assessed by teachers. This will form the basis for the award of a Practical Endorsement at
A Level. This is separate to the A Level grade and, if awarded, will be reported as a ‘Pass’ on A Level certificates for students who achieve it.


Possible Career Paths

Physics will help you to build up your problem solving, research, and analytical skills. With these skills you’ll be able to test out new ideas plus question and investigate other people’s theories, which is useful for any kind of job that involves research or debate. Physics is a seriously useful subject for the majority of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers and you’ll find physicists everywhere, in industry, transport, government, universities, the armed forces, the secret service, games companies, research labs and more.

“Physicists are involved in finding solutions to many of our most pressing challenges – as well as studying atoms or making sense of the extra-terrestrial, physicists diagnose disease, model the climate, design computer games, predict markets and design hi-tech goods. Studying physics opens doors.”- Institute of Physics

Extra Curricular

Trip to CERN, offered to all Year 12 students studying the A Level Physics course. This is a two day trip organised by ourselves where students have the opportunity to visit CERN
on an organised tour by Physicists working there, as well as spend time sightseeing in Geneva.