“When you watch the news you go, “oh, I know what that means!”

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

  • Grade 5 in a Social Science subject (History/Geography/RE)
  • Grade 6 GCSE English Language


Exam Board

Units Studied

  • UK Politics and Core Political Ideas (33.3%)
  • UK Government and Non-Core Political Ideas (33.3%)
  • Comparative Politics: USA (33.3%)


Course Information

Think Politics is too important to be left to politicians? Fascinated about where power really lies in our country? Or do you just want to know more about the world we live in?

Politics A Level explores just how the UK and US operate. We begin the course by studying how people like you can participate in democracy, from elections to pressure groups, then we investigate the main and minor political parties in this country and what they really stand for. We also study the core political ideas – Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism – and consider how the ideas of key thinkers from Karl Marx to Ayn Rand relate to decisions made by our politicians in the 21st century. We also study the non-core political idea of Nationalism at a time when understanding the intricacies of this idea has never been more important. Following this, we analyse the workings of the UK government, including our unwritten constitution, Parliament, Cabinet and the Prime Minister, and weigh up where power and sovereignty really lie in our political system. In Year 13 we compare our new-found understanding of UK Politics and Government to systems in the USA, drawing parallels and contrasts between the two countries.

Throughout the course you will think hard, debating various viewpoints with your peers, and learning how to craft essays with specialist teachers who have worked for the exam board and know how to help you achieve the highest marks.


Possible Career Paths

A Level Politics is highly regarded by Russell Group universities. It is a useful facilitating subject and can be studied alongside any other A Level. Current students have studied it  alongside History, Geography, English Literature/Language, Economics and Maths. Politics is particularly useful for students wanting to pursue careers in Law, Journalism, Policing or Media, as well as business, teaching, public affairs and charitable work.


Extra Curricular

We have introduced a trip to Parliament in the autumn term of Year 12 running alongside the Excellence Programme. Students are also encouraged to participate in online lectures and seminars: in September we are excited to be joining an afternoon conference on politics in the Middle East.