“Psychology has allowed me to find answers to my most burning questions in relation to the intriguing human psychological topics, such as what are the explanations for experiencing depression? Is aggression primarily a male attribute determined by mainly testosterone? Why do we conform and obey others even if it’s destructive? The first lesson was like no other, unforgettable; it inspired me to devote and dedicate myself to this great subject and I continue to enjoy Psychology at GSA.”

“It improves my understanding of how the mind works and I find it fascinating how individuals differ. You have a lot of ‘oooh, so that’s how that happens’ moments!”

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

  • Grade 5-5 in GCSE Combined Science
  • GCSE Grade 5 in English


Exam Board

Units Studied

  • Year 1 – Memory, Attachment, Social Influence, Psychopathology and Research Methods
  • Year 2 – Approaches in Psychology, Biopsychology, Issues and Debates, Aggression, Relationships and Schizophrenia


Course Information

Psychology is the scientific study of how people think, feel and behave. Psychology has many different areas including social behaviour, cognitive processes and mental health. This course will help students to develop a number of skills including how to view the world around you from different perspectives, how to plan and conduct scientific investigations, how to analyse and interpret data, develop critical reasoning skills and how to put across your point of view fluently.


Possible Career Paths

Chartered psychologist (clinical, educational, forensic, health etc.), social work, police force, primary and secondary education, counselling, human resources, market researcher, media and advertising.


Extra Curricular

  • Psychology Society
  • Psychology Book Club
  • Psychology Scholars Champion Award
  • Trip to the Freud Museum, London
  • Talks from psychologists and professors.
  • Tutor2U revision conference
  • Tutor2U revision and exam preparation student workshop, student conferences.