During the school holidays, if you have concerns for a child, please contact

Safeguarding is fundamental to everything we do at George Spencer Academy. We are committed to ensuring robust policies, practices and procedures are followed and that students’ welfare and well being is at the heart of our ethos.

Safeguarding is overseen by Mr J. Dakers (Assistant Principal and Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs J. Repton (Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Miss S O’Donnell (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead). If you are concerned about a child’s welfare please contact Mrs Repton and provide a detailed record of your concern. Please do not investigate the concern yourself.


Mr J. Dakers

Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead

0115 9170100 ext: 443


Mrs J. Repton

Designated Safeguarding Lead

0115 9170100 ext: 403


Miss S. O’Donnell

Designated Safeguarding Lead

0115 9170100 ext: 447

In addition, we have a broad range of staff that provide exceptional support to students including Pupil Support Assistants, specialist intervention case workers and key workers from the Learning and Inclusion team.

We recognise the importance of developing pupils’ awareness of behaviour that is unacceptable towards them and others, and how they can help keep themselves and others safe. The curriculum provides personal development opportunities for pupils to learn about keeping safe and who to ask for help if their safety is threatened. This is done through Excellence days, the ‘Growth’ curriculum, form time learning, assemblies and the core curriculum.

  • The safeguarding and child protection policy can be found here.

We also operate within the following Trust level policies:

  • Complaints Policy and Procedures
  • Disciplinary Policy (Employees)
  • Employee Expectations and Code of Conduct
  • Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Freedom of Information
  • Information, Governance and Security Policy (part of SAT’s Data Protection Policy)
  • Grievance Policy (Employees)
  • Whistleblowing Policy


These can all be found at