“I can’t wait to go to university and learn Sociology in more depth.”

Subject Specific Entry Criteria

  • Desirable: Grade 5 GCSE English


Exam Board

Units Studied

  • Family and Households
  • Education
  • Beliefs
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Research Methods


Course Information

An academic discipline with departments in most of the world’s universities. It involves learning about how human societies are constructed and where our beliefs and daily routines come from; it re-examines in a new light many of the taken for granted assumptions we all hold and which influence the way we think about ourselves and others. It’s about developing a critical understanding of society. Sociology is a subject that combines classical theory, modern research and critical thinking. Specialist resources: All topics have an individual study guide. The classroom is stocked with a wide variety of textbooks and revision guides. The students are directed towards internet resources that are both highly specialised and broadly accessible.


Possible Career Paths

The skills and approach learnt in sociology will be transferable to a wide variety of careers and especially for further studying. The critical nature of the subject adds an extra dimension for Social Sciences, English and Media students by providing a theoretical structure to analysis.