sQuid FAQ’s

How do I set up/register my sQuid account?

Click here to find out how to create an account and top up online.


Do I need to set up a new account if I already have a child at George Spencer Academy?

No. You can add them as an additional user to your existing account. Click here to find out how.


What happens if my child has packed lunches?

All students should have a sQuid account/card. It is important to register with sQuid as we will be using this system for trips and offers which may include paying for revision guides, the School Production and many other events and activities.


What happens if my child uses up all of their money on the first day?

All students have a default daily spending limit of £5 on their card. If you want to change the spending limit, please contact school and this will be changed for you.


What happens at evening events which I may attend with my child such as concerts or the school production?

Tickets for evening events will need to be purchased through sQuid. Refreshments at evening events will not be cashless. For example, if a child is coming to a disco they will need to bring cash for treats or if parents are attending the school concert they will need to bring cash for refreshments and the raffle.


What happens if my child loses or breaks their card?

It is important that students look after their cards. Each student receives their first card free of charge but if they lose their card, they will be charged £5 for a replacement card. In the meantime, students would need to bring in a packed lunch until the new card has arrived. If a student loses the card on the morning that they require lunch we will provide a lunch for one day only. They will be asked to go to the back of the queue as the process without a card takes longer. After this, a child will need packed lunches until the new card has arrived.


What happens if I don’t have access to the internet?

The sQuid App for either iOS and Android devices can be easily downloaded but if internet access is not available, we will provide you with a Paypoint card which means that the money can be added at any Newsagent or shop with a Paypoint sign.


What happens if my child is in receipt of free school meals?

The money will be added automatically each day for the student to spend. If the money is not spent on that day it does not roll over to the next day.


What happens if I do not want to use sQuid for cashless catering?

Students can bring a packed lunch to school. Water is always available from the water fountains in school. However, it is still important to register with sQuid as we use this system for most required payments.


What happens on charity days like Children in Need?

We will inform you well in advance about any daytime events that may require your child to bring cash to school. Please read the monthly bulletins carefully as this information will be in there.


What happens if my child gets a free lunch for carrying out prefect duties?

The money for the free lunch will be added to your child’s sQuid account each week.


What happens if I already have a sQuid account from another school?

A new account will need setting up.


What happens if the system is down?

In the case of the system not working, pupils will have their name and the amount they spend recorded. When the system is up and running again we will redeem the amount owed.

When you look at your account it will show SD (system down) and the amount we have taken.


What happens if the transaction is below £10?

If the transaction amount is below £10 it is advisable that you top up your account by bank transfer or standing order to avoid the 25p charge levied by Squid.


Click here to go to the sQuid website for further help and support…