What We Wear at GSA What We Do Not Wear at GSA
Blazer and tie School black blazer with Academy logo
George Spencer Academy tie
– At least 6 stripes showing on tie
Any item as a replacement for the blazer
Shirt or blouse Plain white collared shirt
– Cotton or polyester, long or short sleeve, tucked in at the waist, top button done up.
Polo shirt or T-Shirt
Round/Grandad collar
Coloured/logoed tops/polo shirts underneath shirts
Trousers/Skirt Black pleated skirt with Academy logo
– Skirts should reach the finger tips, when arms are down by your sides.
Black loose fitting/boot cut school trousers, worn at the waist
– Trousers should be plain style covering the ankle and the sock.
– Trousers must touch the top of the shoe.
Skirts without a logo
Skirts that are rolled up
Jean material trousers
Fashion skirt/trouser
Leggings/footless tights
Skinny trousers, low rise trousers, slim fit, cropped, chino or other style trousers
Tracksuit / Jogging bottom underneath school trousers
Jumper Black v neck woollen jumper (optional)
– With the GSA logo embroidered
Plain jumpers or cardigans
Hoodies, tracksuit tops or other fabric jackets
Top Coat Plain black coat, warm and weather-proof
– Coat should enable the blazer to be worn underneath. To be removed in lessons, registration and assembly.
An extra jumper or hoodie instead of a topcoat
Denim or Leather jackets
Any type of fur or faux fur coat
Body warmers / Gilets
Hats or caps
Shoes Plain black leather school shoe
– Practical and safe
Trainer style or Trainers with a logo, boots, canvas shoes or leather Converse/Vans
Plimsoll black shoes
Any logos
Socks, Tights Plain black or white ankle socks
Black tights
Leggings/footless tights, patterned tights
Bright coloured or patterned socks
Jewellery/Accessories Watch
One plain, flat ring
One  awareness/charity or cultural wristband and/or pin badge.
School badges
Plain black belt with trousers, if needed
Plain black belt
Nail varnish, false nails, make-up, lip colouring, false eye lashes
No fashion/other coloured belts or belts with a logo
No tattoos, visual skin markings including henna
No other badges or wristbands
Piercings For pierced ears
– one pair of plain flat studs on the lobe of the ear only. These must be removed for PE.
Piercings should be done during the summer holidays
Non-stud earrings/stretchers
Facial/mouth /tongue piercings
Multiple piercings in ears
Hair Hair must be one natural colour
Headscarves should be black or white in colour
– They should be worn so the collar and tie can be seen, with the ends tucked in to conform to health and safety standards.
Unnatural coloured hair/dip-dyed hair
No extreme haircuts, including undercuts
No tramlines or shaven in designs to the hair, hair no shorter than grade 2
No hair accessories to be worn
Physical Education Outdoor Kit:
GSA rugby shirt, GSA ¼ zip top or red sweatshirtGSA black shorts or plain black unbranded shortsGSA tracksuit bottoms or plain black unbranded tracksuit bottomsGSA sports leggings or plain black unbranded sports leggings

Plain black football socks

White sports socks

Boots (for Rugby & Football)

Shin pads (for Football & Hockey)

Gum shield

Indoor Kit:
GSA White t-shirt or plain white unbranded t-shirt.

GSA black shorts or plain black unbranded shorts

GSA tracksuit bottoms or plain black unbranded tracksuit bottoms

GSA sports leggings or plain black unbranded sports leggings

Plain black football socks or white sports socks


No hooded tops, non-GSA 1/4 zipped top

No other t-shirt

No Jogging bottoms

No shorts that are not black

No branded items

No items with visible logo

No PE kit underneath school uniform



**Students who fail to comply with these expectations will receive an appropriate sanction**

You can find examples of the specific GSA uniform on the Just-Schoolwear website

In addition:

  • Some shops / stores may sell items in the ‘uniform’ section, this does not mean they always meet the George Spencer Academy uniform expectations.
  • Any items that do not meet the uniform expectations will be confiscated, it will be the responsibility of the parent/carer to collect these from the Academy.
  • The Academy will be the final arbiter on what is deemed to be acceptable as uniform.
  • In exceptional medical circumstances, where pupils are unable to wear correct Academy dress, parents are asked to provide a note for the Learning Manager to consider.
  • Students who attend school not wearing full uniform will be offered items to borrow from the Pupil Support Centre so they can attend lessons.  Students may be placed in our internal isolation unit until their uniform issue can be resolved.